Adamas Commodities focuses on sourcing and presenting niche opportunities in the precious gemstones market, specialising in coloured diamond investments.

In recent years, it has become particularly clear that diamonds are more than just a girl's best friend. With rough diamonds being mined in ever-increasing quantities, despite the great need to discover new oil and gas reserves, their scarcity has actually never been greater – which only makes them all the more attractive an investment opportunity.

Levels of world diamond production are three times greater now than they were in 1980. The last 25 years have also seen the discovery of more than 12,000 kimberlite deposits, albeit with only 1% of them containing enough diamonds to ensure their economic viability. With emerging economies continuing to grow, there is certainly no slowdown in demand in sight, and according to Cris Heaton writing in Money Week, a 40% deficit already exists between supply and demand.

Whereas colourless diamonds still exist in nature in significant quantities, their fancy coloured equivalents make up less than 1% of all rough diamonds cut and polished on an annual basis. The drastic reduction in coloured diamond quantities is helping such gemstones to appreciate to a far greater extent than colourless diamonds, which makes them a sound mid to long-term investment.

We know the diminishing supply of coloured diamonds explains the extremely positive outlook for their prices, with numerous leading industry professionals having warned that we will run out of diamonds to mine in as soon as fifteen to twenty years. Although the world\'s diamond supplies are presently largely mined in such far-flung locations as Australia, Botswana, Russia, Canada and South Africa, even with a boom in exploration over the past ten years, the latest new discoveries of any significance were in the early 1990s. Des Kilalea, diamond analyst at RBC Capital Markets, has warned that of the 100+ listed companies, fewer than twenty have meaningful production.

Whereas the intrinsic value of a colourless diamond increases the closer to colourless the diamond is, the opposite is the case for coloured diamonds. Intensity of colour is the primary determinant of the value of coloured diamonds.

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